CEDA Academy

Van Dijk Method

Cor van Dijk, Dutch Soccer Instructor
The creator of this DVD series (see attached link below) was a guest instructor at CEDA Academy soccer camp, summers of 2009-2011. This clip shows what the van Dijk method is, his technique training and his training sessions in practice. This is based on the Dutch philosophy of coaching and this clip is a sample of what the players can expect.

About the Instructor:

Cor van Dijk has been working as a youth coach in different Dutch clubs (top amateur level and pro teams). He set the pattern in the development of a new training method for better technical schooling.
The main goal is the individual development of each player. Therefore Cor van Dijk is not necessarily insisting on working with professional talents. In fact his method is also intended to reach youth trainer. In order to attain this goal the following elements are necessary:

  • a feel for the ball
  • basic movements
  • quick footwork
  • feints and pass movements
  • receiving of the ball and shooting techniques
  • smoothness of running

The training forms resulting from these elements form the basis of the CEDA concept and therefore represent a high qualitative training of techniques.