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"Youth coaches should keep in mind that individual skills need to be nurtured at an early age. Players who haven’t mastered the fundamental skills become frustrated, because the game gets too difficult for them as they move to higher levels.“
Claudio Reyna, Captain U.S. National Team


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CEDA Academy is a youth soccer academy for ages 5-12. Clinics and individual training is available for ages 12-16. Our mission is to provide high quality soccer training and the tools for children to improve their soccer skills. Our effort to expose your player in developing their technical skills is the essence of what CEDA is all about.

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CEDA Academy

The CEDA Academy Program is designed to develop each player's technical ability while helping increase confidence on and off the field. This is accomplished
by CEDA's four areas of development.

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Holly Springs Sun article

Amobi Agu has a vision for youth soccer in Holly Springs. His vision is on the verge of becoming a reality. Born in Nigeria, Amobi came to the United States in 1983 and attended Shaw University in Raleigh. He graduated with a double major in Business Management and Public Administration.

For the past number of years he has worked as a financial planner. But his true passion has always been soccer. Thus, the idea for CEDA Academy was born. Based in Holly Springs, CEDA Academy is a youth soccer academy for ages five-11 years old with clinics and individual training available for 12-16 years. The mission of CEDA Academy is to provide young players with the finest outdoor soccer training in the region. The CEDA Academy program is designed to develop each player’s technical ability while helping increase confidence on and off the field. CEDA’s focus is on four areas of development: technical ability, mental ability, physical ability and tactical ability.


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